Additional Services
Web Page Design
According to the strategy of the new venture, we develop and design a web page based on different templates already made. These templates are dynamic and very practical. If the user wishes we can teach the customer how to maintain the web page. Contact Us for details.

New Innovators
Develop Ideas and new business
If you have a new idea or project in mind, we will help you to protect your copyrights and develop your new business. Please contact us,

Lectures Conferences
Commitment with Colombia
We designed a presentation to students and companies about the economy of Colombia and the impact of bad image on the development of the Country. Please contact us for more information.
Other Lectures
Valuation for small companies More...
Strategic Planning in five steps
Studies of Climate Organizational

Business Consulting
When Entrepreneurs decide to expand their business internationally (Internationalization), they are faced with greater agile markets, larger opportunities, new challenges and various risks that demand rapidity in decisions.

GLF Venture Inc., with it’s integral knowledge, assesses entrepreneurs by evaluating the Expansion Opportunity, developing Market Strategies, creating Strategic Plans based on analysis of the culture and legalization of each country. This is accomplished through a joint effort with our partners of business, various associates, and clients.

How to contact Us
You can write us on this form or call us to the numbers on top of this link.
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Services designed by objectives
The expertise of GLF may also be applied in different areas according to the objective of the business: .

  Consulting Services:

- Business Development Consulting
- Business Management
- Change Management
- Feasibility Studies

  Corporate Finance Services:
- Forecast Series Analysis for Financial Statements and Variables with scenarios
- Economic Value Added
- Finance Analysis; diagnostic and strategy
- Various Valuation Methodologies depending on the type of business
- Investment Under Uncertainly
- Creation of Automatic Models; control tool for the business management
- Due Diligence to determine financial situation
- Financial and Commercial Viability of Projects
- Recollection of crucial information of a company to create brochures with the purpose to sell a company, merge, or capitalization to vendors and buyers
- Detailed Costs of Investment of opening a business in other countries
- Capital Search for sponsorship or financing of projects

  Services in the area of Sales and Marketing
- Market Research
- Creation of Distribution Channels or Distribution Companies, Alliances or Temporary
- Unions
- Sales and Marketing Areas Creation
- Recollection of crucial information of the company to create brochures with the purpose to sell products or services
- Promotion Strategy for products or services. 

  Services in the Organizational Area – Resource Management
- Design Organizational Structure
- Job profiles definition and functions definition inside an organization
- Study of Organizational Climate
- Creation of Flow Charts based on actual procedures or new procedures focused to increase productivity
- Head Hunter. Search of Competent Professionals for any type of business world wide.
- Hierarchy Charts
- Performance Measure Reports

  Business communication and Public Relations
- Translation of documents for opening and expansion of business. 
- Mediation between several companies and the investor in Spanish or English.
-   Connections among businessmen of different countries.  Depending on the objective country.