Other clients in the Show business:

  • Actors
  • Musicians
  • People in Sports
  • Comedians
  • Personalities
  • Show business Journalist
  • Artist
  • Writers
  • Film makers
  • Event planners
  • Lecturers/speakers/motivators
  • Beauty Queens
  • Djs

Services for entertainers:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Business Model creation
  • Financial analysis. (Creation, management and valuation of businesses)
  • Protection of the digital copyrights of entertainers in digital platforms.
  • Monetization of the digital content.
  • Market research
  • Data analysis with large datasets. Clients with more than 4 million followers
  • Social Networks management, web design creation and protection from hacks and malware
  • Internet Marketing Campaigns. e.g. promoting gigs or launch their careers in the US
  • Promotion the work of entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry
  • Software development and Apps


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