Services for entertainers:

  • Protection of the digital copyrights of entertainers in digital platforms.
  • Monetization of the digital content.
  • Market research
  • Social Networks management, web design, etc
  • Internet Marketing Campaigns
  • Promotion the work of entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry such as Andrés López:


En: Andres Lopez Stand-Up Comedian from Colombia. Author of "The Ball of Letters", " I Have the Window", "Sliced Fruit", "If it Rains Bring my Running Shoes Inside" and "Landing on Mars".
GLF Venture Inc promotes Mr Lopez and protects the rights of his works in digital markets.

Es: Comediante Colombiano del Género Stand-Up Comedy. Autor de La Pelota de Letras, Me Pido La Ventana, Frutica Picada, Si Llueve Éntreme los Tenis y Llegar a Marte.
GLF Venture Inc promueve al señor López y protege los derechos intelectuales de sus trabajos en mercados digitales.

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