Financial analysis models. Simulations and Mathematical Modeling

In a complex industrial environment we help our customers to simplify their processes create systems that simulate the situation. It helps to understand the processes, take right decisions and present results.

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Decision analysis, decision tree or influence diagram
Mathematical modeling of systems.
Operations research
Decision sciences
Data Analysis

ARIMA models for time series forecasting

Simulation Software such as: ExtendSim, ARENA, Flexim

Monte Carlo Simulation

Statistical analysis using software such as: SPSS, Stata, SAS, or Excel. (Minitab)

Decision Making: Expert Choice, DPL 4.0, SuperTree
Mathematical Software: Matlab

Excel. Decision Analysis Add-In
Optimization: Lingo 6.0 and Lindo 7.0, MPL. Gurobi Optimization
Code Languages: Visual Basic, C, C++.

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